Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Jacques Pepin Dessert That Looks Like Sunshine on a Plate

This dessert from Jacques Pepin is simple, healthy, yet elegant, and is perfect served with a little cup of coffee after dinner. Speaking of coffee, our coffee maker just died a week or so ago. No warning, no nothing. It just quit. I must have been living right as they say, because that same morning that the coffee pot gave up the ghost, an email came from CSN asking me if I would like to review one of their products. I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Our last coffee maker ground its own beans. While that sounds wonderful, our first experience with the bean grinding feature wasn’t all that great. In fact it was eye opening. We set the coffeepot to grind the beans, hit the switch, and went to bed. The next morning we woke to a very loud, screeching noise coming from the kitchen. It was the coffee maker grinding the beans. I don’t want to tell you exactly what my husband said when he was rudely awakened by the coffeepot happily whizzing the beans around in the grinder, but it was similar to “what the H is that noise?” Since then we’ve laughed about it, told the story to friends, but from that moment on, we’ve not allowed the grinding of coffee beans to be our morning wake-up call.  

Photo from CSN
Our new Cuisinart coffee pot from CSN is a high tech looking brushed stainless, Brew Central model that will be perfect with our other stainless appliances in our new kitchen at the condo. I love the brew pause feature, allowing me to grab a cup before the brewing is finished. The other feature that impressed me is one I’ve never had before – a carafe temperature dial. I can to set the temperature of the coffee after brewing to high, medium, or low. As much as I dread replacing coffeepots and other small appliances, this has been a very pleasant experience. From choosing the coffeepot from CSN’s vast array, to being pleasantly surprised that their shipping on the model I chose was free, to the UPS man delivering my package within days of placing the order, I could not be more pleased.

Back to Jacques’ dessert. This is a simple, healthy recipe that allows you the freedom to “make it your own.” You could substitute peaches or nectarines for the mangos. To save calories, you could use Splenda in place of the sugar. When it comes to the choice of liquor, I always favor rum because for years we lived in the Caribbean, which I sometimes refer to as "de land of de rum and coconuts”, but Jacques suggested Cognac or whiskey. It’s fabulous over vanilla ice cream, or serve it alone as I did here. Have fun with this one. It looks like sunshine on a plate.

Mangos with Dark Rum
Adapted from Cooking with Claudine by Jacques Pepin – Serves 4

2 ripe mangos
Julienned zest of two limes
3 tablespoons sugar or Splenda
2 tablespoons Meyers dark rum, Cognac or whiskey
3 tablespoons fresh lime lime juice

Peel the mango, cutting deeply enough into the fruit so than any green-colored flesh is also removed. Then, cutting inward, toward the pit, slice each of the mangos into slivers about ½” thick. Discard the pit. Using a zester, remove the lime peel from the limes and set aside until you are ready to serve.

In a bowl, combine the mango slivers with the sugar, rum, and lime juice. Either serve immediately or, for added flavor, chill for at least two hours, stirring occasionally before serving, then bring to room temperature. Sprinkle the mangos with the julienned lime peel just before serving.


  1. Mangoes have an undescribable taste!!! Love them. We have the Cuisinart Grind and Brew, it, but the noise is loud. Hmmm, wonder if CSN could find me? I could use a new item for the kitchen ;)

  2. I had to laugh about the coffee grinder, how funny.
    I just love mangoes but we do not see nice ones here that often , we had them in the garden in S.Africa. Think I would like this with cognac Mmmmmmm Diane

  3. We have the same coffeepot that you now have. I love it! I like my first few sips of coffee to be really hot--"to perk on the way down" as my father would say. As I type this, I'm having my first cup and, not only is it hot, it's perfectly brewed.

    That mango really is sunshine on a plate. One of our favorite desserts at our favorite Thai restaurant is mango with sticky rice. The mango is plain and the rice is made with coconut milk and slightly sweetened. I think your's sounds delicious.

    Hope your day is as sunny as the dessert!


  4. We tried that self-grind coffee pot a while back and didn't like it either. I've had a couple since then, but the one I'm using now is old. The thing is, it's only my kids who drink coffee so it doesn't get used very often. Perhaps I will put a new pot on my birthday wish list and see what happens. :)

    The mangoes look lovely, Sam. A little rum can't hurt.

  5. Simple, yet very refined and so delicious!



  6. You are so cute. That looks like a lovely coffeemaker to go with that beautiful fresh dessert.

  7. How pretty is this dish! Simple and refreshing!

    The coffee grinding story it too funny! I know the sound well!

    Coffee machines that grind seem great but they are also a pain in the neck to clean - every use! We have one but I'm now just buying ground coffee again (skipping the grinding capability) to save time in the morning!

  8. Jacques Pepin is a local! I see him in the grocery store now and then, it's fun to see what he'll pick out of the produce section. He's a lovely person.

  9. I'm not a fan of mango, but I'll bet it would be just as pretty and yummy if I did it with some fresh pear slices.


  10. Hence the namesake of my blog, you know my love of Mangos. Beautiful dessert Sam and what a great photo.

  11. Isn't CSN the best! Who loves Bloggers more?

    I also have this exact brand... Love that HOT HOT feature.

    And i also love this recipe. Love of mangoes (and rum) is one of the things I took from my island adventure!

    I think I would use coconut rum and sprinkle a little coconut flakes on this.

    Now i have to find a ripe mango in Kansas (not easy)

  12. Hmmmmm that looks so good. Very tropical and warm weather looking. I can hear the steel drums playing now.

  13. What a great dessert...It looks beautiful too!

  14. What a coincidence for the coffee pot! ..Lucky you:) the dessert looks fresh and delicious!

  15. I have a melon waiting to be cut up and will do so with this dish as inspiration. With a high of 43 degrees F today, we feel as if it is summer. (Don't shudder) I am in the market for a coffee pot. I will check out the Cuisinart (note to self: don't get a grinder).

  16. nicely plated dessert you got there and dont you jsut love CSN stores - without revealing too much let me say that they really take care of me!

  17. Oh my, this does look like sunshine on a plate and sounds so yummy. How can anything be bad with a splash of rum on it???? YUM.

    Carolyn/A Sooutherners Notebook

  18. I will have to try this! Love mangos and rum.

  19. It does indeed look like sunshine on a plate. I like Jacques Pepin...his creations are very simple...and good, and healthy.

    I am so glad you posted about the coffee pot. I wanted to get one of the grind and brews, and wasn't sure which one was the best deal or model...thanks...this makes my decision simpler...

  20. First I have to tell you I love Jacques Pépin and he always comes up with simple yet elegant meals and dessert.
    That coffee pot looks just perfect it does it all.
    I see many bloggers talking about CSN, promoting, amd give aways. How can I find our more about this? and can Canadians belong to this?

  21. The coffee maker is a looker! What a nice offer from CSN!

    I just said to my husband that we are moving from the refined sugar/flour desserts to natural fruits, your timing is impeccable! I love Jacques, I especially enjoyed watching him with Julia, and when he did his cooking show with his daughter!

    Thank you for sharing this lovely dessert!

  22. Sam - I was drawn to this post by the beautiful picture. What a gorgeous shot! I love mango and like you would love to pair it with a splash of rum. This looks heavenly.

  23. This does look like sunshine on a plate! That little bit of rum must taste delicious with the mangos.

    Congratulations on your perfectly timed review request. It looks like a beautiful coffee maker.

  24. Simple and elegant - love the lime zest and rum addition.

  25. You made the fruit plate look so beautiful. My favorite fruit+spirits dessert is strawberries soaked in Sambucca.

  26. Your new coffee maker is heavenly. Ours is leaking...we are in desperate need of a new one!

    Your mango dessert is definitely sunshine on a plate! Yum!

  27. I gave up on coffee pots that grind the beans - it was way too complicated to clean. On the subject of fruit, I have a fruit dessert recipe book by Jacques Pepin which I love - one forgets what wonderful diversity one can find it fruit, and what a simple accent like rum and zest can do.

  28. Gorgeous colors, I like the idea of mango with rum, excellent!

  29. This sounds divine Sam. Beautiful presentation too!

    I've been meaning to look at coffee pots myself. Yours looks like a very nice one. There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee!


  30. That does indeed look like sunshine on a plate! I would prepare it just because looking at it would make me so happy. What is CSN??

  31. My mouth is watering! I LOVE mangoes. And this sounds like a wonderful combination!

  32. I adore Jacques Pepin! I loved watching him cook along side Julia Child, and alsothe show where he showed his daughter claudette how to cook. Thsi salad speaks of summer!

    My husband gave me a Keurig "one cup at a time" coffee maker this Christmas which I like very much, but we also have a Cuisinart coffee maker when we wnat to make a large pot for the weekend or when company is over. I love CSN stores!

  33. What a beautiful plate! How could that not make anyone smile (especially in this time of year). :)

    Thank you for stopping by Chef Dennis' site today and commenting. It was fun to be a guest blogger. :)

  34. Simply gorgeous!

    I thought about you today because I have to use blood oranges in a challenge (meal with lamb chops, blood orange, elbow macaroni, and napa) and I thought of that salad you made last year.

  35. Your dessert sounds like a wonderful combination of flavors and it looks lovely!

  36. Your desserts is a real winner, dear Sam!

    Yummie & lovely food!

    I recently moved my blog to Come over @ my blog & check it out! You must update your RSS too!

  37. Just picked up a mango at Whole Foods and was contemplating making mango and sticky rice, but you've changed my mind to do something much more healthy! Great photo Sam!


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