Friday, December 10, 2010

One of our very own bloggers – Chow & Chatter - has released a recipe app for Apple’s iPhone

Move over Mario Batali and Martha Stewart. Make way for one of our very own bloggers who has just released a recipe app for the Apple iPhone. Meet Rebecca Subbiah, the author of the very popular blog Chow and Chatter. To many of you, Rebecca needs no introduction. You, like myself, have been following Chow and Chatter since it’s inception. But just in case you don’t know my friend Rebecca, let me tell you a little bit about her, her blog, and the great new recipe app she’s just released for Apple’s iPhone.

Rebecca’s passions are food and travel and, through her travels, she hopes to inspire others to try new healthy and easy recipes from other countries. She is a registered dietitian in both the US and the UK, so you can count on finding healthy food in this app. Recipes can be searched by cuisine, ingredient, or dish and the app features a large selection of popular global recipes, such as Turkish Beef Meatballs, Aloo Gobi, an Indian dish of spicy cauliflower & potatoes

Aloo Gobi photo courtesy Chow & Chatter

and my personal favorite, charming little French Madeleines flavored with Meyer lemon.

French Madeleines photo courtesy of Chow & Chatter

The Chow & Chatter app also has a link to Rebecca’s blog which allows you access to her latest dishes and new recipes. I just learned that an exciting new release in the spring for the Chow and Chatter app will feature wine pairings from Stephanie Savors the Moment.

In addition to the iPhone, the Chow and Chatter app is also compatible with other Apple products. You can purchase it in the iTunes store for only 99 cents. It’s perfect for anyone, including yourself, who wants to eat healthy and try new recipes from around the world. I hope you’ll stop by Chow and Chatter and congratulate her on a job well done. Rebecca is definitely in the big leagues now.


  1. Rebecca is a darling! And I'm so pleased for her!
    Nice post, Sam!

  2. That is so technical for me but I'm glad for her. Love her site.

  3. wow...only if I had an iphone! looks delicious~

  4. thanks so much Sam big hugs I so appreciate this and I am blessed to know you
    and Barbara ditto :-)

  5. Sounds great - what's an Iphone?

  6. A big thank you, Sam! You have solved my dilemma of what to get my husband for Christmas. No, not an iphone--a Meyer Lemon tree. I've looked at them before and I really want those madeleines soaked in Meyer lemon syrup. I know it sounds like a bit of a selfish gift but we do what we have to! = )


  7. I love Chow & Chatter and Rebecca certainly has gone on to the big leagues!

  8. Follow Rebecca's chow and Chatter blog loyally. Now, I am the proud owner of her iphone app too. It's awesome and now I can enjoy her blog and recipes while on the go-


  9. It looks so tempting and addictive! I'll be making this for sure.

  10. I really have to go study this; perfect for my blackberry. i posted about my madeleines this week.

  11. Rebecca is great, such a hard working lovely blogger/person! I am thrilled for her as I know it's something she's dreamed about - and look at her now!

  12. Bon Appetit has a great app as well. Even makes a grocery list for you.

  13. You're right - Rebecca needs no itroduction and I am so pleased for her. Yay for you for posting about her - she is just an enthusiastic supporter of all good things.

  14. Those Madeleines look so tempting! :-)

    What's an iPhone?
    That reader of yours had me in stitches. ;-)


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