Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tidbits from the past featuring tasty seafood and French memories to celebrate Pink Saturday’s 2nd anniversary

Jacques Pepin’s pink salmon pizza
I was flipping through Jacques Pepin’s newest cookbook, More Fast Food My Way, when I came across a recipe for Smoked Salmon Pizza served on Naan flatbread. For the recipe and more….

Spicy fruit salsa with broiled pink salmon inspired by the Food Shack, Jupiter, Florida
Fruit salsas are very popular to serve with fish. I’ve seen numerous recipes in food magazines recently. We ate at Little Moir's Food Shack, a fish joint in Jupiter, Florida that served a spicy, sweet, and colorful fruit salsa with a tuna basil roll, which quickly became my favorite. I had never tasted anything like the fruit salsa before. It was sweet, spicy and hot all at the same time and it burst in my mouth with flavor. For the recipe and more..…

Low country pink shrimp and grits
We were houseguests at a friend’s home on the outer banks of North Carolina several months ago and they served Shrimp and Grits for breakfast, elevating the morning meal to a higher level. So when we had houseguests recently, we prepared the same. The cheese grits topped with pink shrimp, browned bacon and mushrooms, garnished with shreds of green scallions make an elegant presentation. For the recipe and more….

Pastry shop in Provence
Two of our favorite shops in France were the Patisserie, the pastry shop, and the Boulangerie, the bakery. In some Patisseries, but not all, you can purchase the one essential thing you must buy every single day – the French baguette. In the Patisserie shown above they only sell pastries. When we asked for a baguette one day, the beautiful mademoiselle (dressed in pink) pointed her finger to herself and said, “Patisserie.” Then she took her delightfully long finger and pointed out the door and said, “Boulangerie.” Meaning, for those who she thought didn't speak French, we don’t sell baguettes here. Although we continued to purchase beautiful desserts in this shop, you can be sure we never asked for a baguette there again. Read more…..

How beautifully a pastry is wrapped in France for you to take home

Le Petite France
Le Petit France is a bistro located between the small villages of Paradou and Maussane, just south of Saint-Remy-de-Provence. We dined al fresco style under white market umbrella shaded tables with the beautifully set pink linens Read more…

Pink Saturday is celebrating its 2nd anniversary plus it was also featured in the current issue of Artful Blogging. All of my congratulations go to Beverly, our hostess, from How Sweet the Sound, and to the dedicated Pink Saturday bloggers, who, each week, make Pink Saturday happen. Beverly is having a give-away so be sure you stop by and say hello.

My husband and I were out on a leisurely Sunday afternoon ride one day and couldn’t help but snap this photo. It aroused my curiosity. Do you suppose they painted their house pink first or painted their car pink first? Whatever the case, it has to be a one of a kind. This may carry the concept of matching shoes and handbags to a whole new level. I hope this free spirit owner of the pink house and a car to match brings a smile to your face and sunshine into your Saturday. Happy Pink Saturday,


  1. Lovely pink post. The pink salmon and fruit salsa is one of my favorites. I love how they wrap pastry in France - how delightful to take that home every day!

  2. Thanks Sam...the mango salsa is a keeper!!

  3. Wonderful pictures and delectable recipes! Must make mango salsa soon!

  4. I;ll have a rasp berry macaron for desert, buy a bouquet of pink roses for the friends who have invited us for dinner tonight and .. dress in pink too!

  5. Hi Sam - what a lovely pink buffet! I especially like the diversity of items, and have a fondness for the low country shrimp, and the jazzy pink car! Too bad my pink polo is in the laundry!

  6. Fabulous pink post, Sam! I simply ADORE the pink house with matching car. I would love to meet those people. I will go in and stare for a minute at the fuschia flowers in the fabric on my chair in honor of pink Saturday. :)

    Been meaning to ask: what on earth do you think has happened to George? I know he was down here helping his mother, but he was always so prolific as a blogger. I worry something has happened to HIM.

  7. Now this is the perfect Pink post! It includes scrumptious food and pictures of France! I did my pink post on France too....

    Those recipes sound wonderful. Now I want some shrimp and grits.

  8. Very refreshing array of recipes to celebrate the color pink and everything it stands for.
    Thank you for the great recipes and your continued dedication to entertain us.
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  9. Hi Sam...I know I'm a GRIT, and now I think I may be a grits lover after seeing your DelishDish of Salmon on Grits. I too remember OUR first Pink Saturday post...we were right there together and still I see on the LIST today. Yep Sam and Sue...Pinkies from the South...there ya go...TWO PSPS's. Great to hear from you again....Sue #157 on PS List...UR#156!!!!

  10. Hi
    I saw the name of your blog at Beverly's pink Saturday party and since I live in NC I had to come and visit. That smoked salmon pizza looks fabulous. And what a fun photo of the pink house and car. I'd love to meet those people and see the insdie of that house!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    Love the photos and it brings back memories of looking at them in the first glance though I thought the first one was watermelon pizza, lol, almost like a watermelon, red onion, basil thing I made last year :)

  12. Bonjour Sam,
    Great post. The fruit salsa looks wonderful. Thanks for the good tips for Provence. You know I've never thought to match my car to the house, oor vece versa...hmmm This must be in FLorida? I lived in Fl for years!
    WIshing you a good weekend,

  13. Pizza - such a nice change of pace. I've eaten so much birthday cake today I'm ready to burst!

  14. Happy Pink Sunday! I had to smile about the car and the house, what a hoot!

    I would have done the same thing and gone in the patisserie and asked for a baguette. I'm so terribly American to want a one stop shop.

  15. Your pink post is just peachy!

    It did bring a smile to my face -- and I love the idea of salmon pizza on naan.

  16. Love the great photos. Happy Pink Saturday. Let's celebrate!
    love from ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands

  17. Some great photos here. All of the food looks awesome! Don't you love having your camera with you while out for a walk. It's great to capture that right time, right place photo! It does make you wonder though....which came first? pink car or pink house!

  18. I'm in the pink now, Sam! The house and car - you bet it made me smile. How fun. I paused awhile at the pastry gift box. How lovely is that? How grand for the recipients!

  19. Great photo. Ha! Pink car and house. Wow! Hope you had a great Pink Saturday!

  20. Sam,

    Fantastic post. Wonderful job with both the salmon pizza and the shrimp & grits. Two amazing dishes.

    The house and the car?! I think they just decided to go for it and do both at the same time.

    Have a great holiday weekend!


  21. Wow delicious and fabulous!
    Great snapshot on the last one.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Have a great day.

  22. Everything looks so good! I hope you had a great day...



  23. Shrimp and grits are awesome but can't imagine them for breakfast.

    That house kills me, how hilarious. Great find for Pink Saturday!

  24. Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday!! I love your pics. Hope to see you at my blog sometime!! XX

  25. The shrimp and grits look yummy. We had cheese and grits at a hotel in Americus but when I tried to make it it was not so creamy so I’ll try your ½ water and ½ milk method. Great find that pink house and pink car, do you think they see “la vie en rose” ?

  26. What a wonderful post! The smoked salmon pizza looks so good I want to take off to the store right this minute and buy the ingredients. And a pink car and house...strange but somehow charming. It makes me smile anyway.

  27. Oh I just love this! Wish i were there... wish i were anywhere! haha!

    Sorry for the late PS visit- so many pinks, so little time this long holiday weekend!

    Happy belated PS!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie Mae
    "Do These Shoes Match This Purse?"

  28. Happy Pink Saturday, Sam. We've been pinking together for almost a year now, and I miss your smiling face on Pink Saturdays. Thank you for everything you do to make Pink Saturday special.

    You have proven my philosophy that all the best foods are pink. And, additionally you have made me hungry.

    The house and car gave me a big grin.

  29. Love all the photos especially that pink house and car! The shrimp and grit look amazingly good!!!

  30. Sam, love them all...everything pink...yummie!

  31. What a feast...don't know where to start. I love the salsa. So beautiful!

  32. Hi Sam, this is my first time to check out your blog and I like what I see! I spent some time in St. Remy-De-Provence, so I enjoyed seeing your photos. Also, like the matching pink house and car and don't forget the rosé wine, another one of my favorites. I'll check back to see what you're up to in your kitchen, thanks, Patty

  33. Loving all the pink! Hoping you had a wonderful day.

  34. Shrimp and grits bring back memories of our life (and breakfasts) in Charleston. Many days I'd meet the shrimp boats for the freshest shrimp ever. I've enjoyed spending time with your excellent post this morning.


  35. I would love to know who lives in that pink

  36. Sam, I loved all the goodies on this post, but that pink house is just so much fun! You know the people who live there have to be, too!



  37. I would love a taste of all three meals, Sam!

    Sorry i am so tardy in visiting...I have been catching up after traveling quite a bit during the month of May.


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