Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three Quick Things

Three quick things I would like to mention. First, readers who subscribe by email will see a little change in what My Carolina Kitchen looks like when it arrives in their inbox – a snippet of the new post will arrive, followed by a link to the entire post, which allows you to see and read the post in the very best format.

Secondly, if you leave a comment, you’ll see a change. Lately I’ve been deluged with spam and the way I see to fix is that that I have two choices – either eliminate the ability to leave an anonymous comment or install that “difficult to read” word verification thing that many of you don’t like. Spam almost always comes in the form of anonymous comments, so I’ve chosen, at least for the time being, to eliminate that choice. I hope at some point to be able to offer it again, but for now I have to do something about the spam. It’s killing me and many other bloggers have chosen this route as well. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and my email address is available in my profile if you need to contact me.

Last but not least, please be sure to come back tomorrow for my weekly post featuring a quick and easy to prepare supper in under 30 minutes – a steak salad with spinach, blueberries, feta, and toasted pecans pictured above.

See you tomorrow.


  1. I don't accept anonymous comments. I've gotten very little spam over the years (knocking on wood). Hope it works for you!


  2. I don't accept anonymous comments either. It has worked great for me. Looking forward to learning more about your salad.

  3. Sorry to hear that spamming has reached your shores!

    I solves the conundrum two years ago: no CAPTCHA or approval for comments - including "anonymous" ones - during the first 24 hours after publishing my post. Comments on posts older than 1 day, are automatically saves as "on approval", which I regularly authorize and publish.

    Lately I do get 2 or 3 "anonymous" comments on older posts. They go into the approval box and from there I push them into the spam folder (so let Blogger know about those spammers). Interestingly, spammers seem to follow a pattern, picking out an old post and sending a spam a day to that post. Of course, they are caught immediately in my safety "approval" net. I can also see on my "favorite posts" sidebar, when suddenly an old post moves up to the top. Putting that post back into draft makes the spammers go away. All in all, I am not really spammed a lot, may be also true to the fact that I don't have a large readership. Popular blogs seem to suffer more.

    Good luck,

  4. A wonderful salad! It looks ever so mouthwatering.

    I also refuse anonymous comments or spams...



  5. For some reason, I rarely get SPAM, but I did get some a week or so ago. I noticed that the same Spammer went to a friend's site. I think he was there first and maybe got my blog name from there. I'm sorry you're having issues, Sam. And I don't mind answering word verification.

    Love that salad. Wish I had some right now!



  6. I know a few of my anonymous commentors:) A good friend is one:)
    I am with you Sam..word not pleasant..
    I try once..I swear one can make out what it is..why does it have to be complicated? Surely spammers can read also?LOL.
    If I have to try 3 times..I give up..
    Once..sometimes twice..but not a third..

  7. Any of your readers who want to make a legitimate comment won't be put off by whatever safeguards you set up. I do think you're wise to go this route. Warm Regards!

  8. Good Afternoon Sam, This must be very frustrating for you. Whatever you decide your followers will understand as we all enjoy reading your blog and look forward to the recipes you share with us.
    Enjoy your day,
    Best Wishes

  9. It is a change that many of us are considering. I have tried the comment approval route for now....and yes, it is an extra step for me. People aren't really lured in by the junk posted by the automatic spamming machine, are they? I guess for it to continue somebody out there is following the link....trying to see the benefit for the spammer... Good change.

  10. I also have a Blogger blog and tried to reduce SPAM many ways. The option you have chosen prevents .org Wordpress blog from commenting but it does eliminate SPAM. I finally went back to the CAPTCHA. It is dilemma for sure. Also we do like quick and easy meals.

  11. SPAM has been everywhere!!
    Can't wait to read your steak salad, Sam.

  12. I don't accept anonymous comments on my Comforts of Home blog. I do on my From Harvest To Table which is a word press blog, but all of the comments go to my email, if I haven't already approved the poster, so I can read and delete them first.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the steak salad!

  13. Spam is very aggravating but thank goodness Wordpress catches most of it.

  14. Hello Sam

    This dish looks delicious. I have been behind in my reading and smiled when I read your last post of chicken tagine. I served a very similar dish here to my friends last week, the scent of cinnamon must have been wafting through the air in South Florida

    I must follow your lead on eliminating my spam -

    Helen xx

  15. Sam, that is exactly how I chose to deal with spam. I really detest that word verification thing and my eyesight isn't getting any better so it does get to be a real challenge to see the blurry numbers and goofy-looking letters sometimes. I hope this works for you as well as it has for me. I have had people contact me by email if they have a question about a recipe. I hope this works for you too.

  16. Sam, you probably have seen that I have had to go to the word verification and have already had complaints from a Wordpress blogger.
    While Blogger catches the Spam and saves it in a file for me to check, I forget it and then it builds up until I have to go in and delete 1000 posts from Spam. I am tired of having to go to that step, but I can say my comments have dropped of drastically. I hate the word verification thing and I am not patient if I have to go back two or three times. I'd rather send an email.

  17. Sorry to hear about your spam problems! Between using Chrome and not allowing anon comments I have very few issues. Hope it works well for you Sam:@)

  18. I have not accepted anonymous comments for years now and I very seldom get spam. I do though also always read every comment before publishing, so the odd spam that does make it through still gets zapped. Hope you have solved the problem as I really hate the verification. Keep well Diane

  19. Yeah, I've been getting a ton of the spam comments too. I just do comment moderation and bloggers spam filter catches most of them.


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