Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mediterranean Tuna Salad and a Give-away

This Mediterranean tuna salad is a super easy to put together as a small plate meal or a filling appetizer. Made mostly from ingredients that you already have on your shelf, all you need to complete the recipe is a handful of fresh parsley, a juicy lemon, and a box of crispy crackers. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Instead of using the predictable celery and mayonnaise, this version of tuna salad is mixed with fresh herbs, roasted red peppers, and white beans. You might say it’s a sophisticated tuna salad tossed with flavors from the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Tuna Salad 
You Can Trust a Skinny Cook by Allison Fishman – serves 4

1- 15 ½ ounce can small white beans, rinsed and drained well
2- 5 oz cans Italian tuna in oil, drained (or any good tuna)
1 cup roughly chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
1 cup roasted red peppers, rinsed, drained, and sliced
1 tablespoon capers, rinsed and drained
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
Juice of ½ lemon
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 crisp hearty crackers or slices of a French baguette

In a medium bowl, combine the white beans, tuna, parsley, red peppers, and capers and toss well to combine. Drizzle with the olive oil and lemon juice, toss gently, and season to taste with the salt and pepper. Serve with crisp hearty crackers or crisp bread.

In celebration of my 500th follower, I thought a petite give-away was in order.  Since I know many of you enjoy reading about France as much as I do, the perfect book to show my appreciation of your reading my blog had to be a copy of the delightful book Paris was Ours by Penelope Rowlands. The book is an accumulation of thirty-two diverse writer’s stories about how they were outsiders who became insiders in the City of Light. They share their observations and revelations about the world’s most seductive city.

From Patricia Well’s husband Walter, “Much of the early immigrant experience was often entertaining, but it was also hard. We both cried the first night I came home from the Tribune and found Patricia already in tears. I realized how lonely she was and remember saying to her, “This is the worst mistake I have ever made and it’s the worst time of my life.” 

From David Lebowitz, “I know for sure I’ve made it here when I buy outfits specifically for taking out the garbage.” 

From Veronique Vienne, “Parisians approach parting with money as they do foreplay: with plenty of time to spare.”

The give-away is my way of saying thanks for following and supporting My Carolina Kitchen. The give-away is reserved for followers only and it also includes those who follow by email. If a reader outside the US wins, I will gladly ship it to you wherever you are. If you leave an Anonymous comment, please leave a way I can get in touch with you should you win. Their will be only one winner and the name will be announced this same time next week.

So the give-away is simple – if you are a follower, leave a comment saying so and also tell me if you would love to live in Paris and why.

This recipe is being shared with Foodie Friday at Rattlebridge Farm, Miz Helen’s Country Kitchen’s Full Plate Thursday, Foodie Friday at Not Your Ordinary Recipes, and On the Menu Monday at Stone Gable.


  1. First of all....I love the tuna salad and it just might be what's for dinner tonight since I have all the ingredients!!! Gosh, your photos are great. Second, I was not aware of this book, but would love to read it. Why would I like to live in Paris? We have been tossing this idea around for quite a while. As we get older, we still like a challenge and this would be the ultimate challenge in my estimation. I know of no better way to learn a language. Perhaps 3-4 months would be ideal, don't you think? Honestly, we just talked about this 2 days ago. Can't wait to go back in the fall. Susan

  2. I like the different twist on the tuna..I love tuna.. in oil..and in water..I had heard of this book it looks may want to peek at Paris Breakfasts recent post on a new life in Paris..:) she talked of a new book and added her photos..Perhaps you have seen it?

    Thank goodness for books.What constant company they are.

  3. The tuna salad is everything I love. Tuna with celery and mayo just doesn't get it for me. We will be having this soon.
    Ahh, Paris. I would love to live there for so many reasons; the architecture, the food, the history. Our trip this June will be our first time there, but I already know my way around! I would love to win this book Sam. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. A tasty salad! Exactly the kind I like to make...

    Lovely giveaway too.



  5. Your blog is one among the first of those I joined and I love visiting for the wonderful recipes and beautiful photography. I would love to live in Paris because it is such a beautiful city with so much to experience and enjoy, not the least of which is the cuisine! Thanks for entering me in the book contest. Love my Kindle but also still love holding a real book in my hands!

  6. Hi Sam,
    I love this version of Tuna Salad! I am printing it out and will have it soon.

    Of course I am a follower of yours! I would love to be entered into the giveaway. Congrats on 501 followers!

  7. I love a great tuna salad, and I have never seen a recipe quite like this one. Going to have to give it a try.
    Wow!!! 500 followers!! Congrats to you.

  8. Very tempting, Sam! :-)
    Lately, I am eating mostly whole grain Wasa bread, one could say I am addicted.

    Did you know that Italians actually make tuna salad with white beans and no mayonnaise?

    Regarding Paris, I have never been there.

  9. This looks delicious and I look forward to trying it.

    We were in Paris in 1973, for 6 days. DH had just gotten out of the US Navy (he had been stationed in Spain) and we grabbed backpacks, cameras, our copy of Europe on $5-$10 a day book, maps and traveled by Eurail for almost 2 months. Paris was one of our favorite places. I wish we had had more time to check out the beautiful gardens, etc. At the time, we were visiting as many art museums as we could. I wish I had been into photography back then as well. DH was the sole photographer, and just the other day we were talking about wishing I had been taking pictures then too, because I would have taken different shots than he did.

    Thank you for this recipe and thanks for this post which brings up memories of our time spent living in Europe, which was a little over three years. It was a wonderful experience.

    It would be wonderful to live in Paris. We loved the old world atmosphere, the beauty, the life that makes up Paris and Europe as a whole.

    I have been a follower for quite some time now.


  10. Lovely salad - food as it should be - straight forward, fresh and delicious. I'm already a follower and YES I would like to live in Paris, because - the food (reason above) and the FEEL - it's different from any other city and I LOVE it,

  11. Both tuna salad and crackers (we have some rye crackers over here) are great.

  12. Your tuna salad looks delicious, Sam! I love the missing mayo and the addition of beans.

    I've never been to Paris! I would love to visit for 2 or 3 weeks but have to admit I would not want to live there. I would miss my daughters and little grandsons far too much!

  13. I've just bookmarked this recipe because it sounds (and looks) deliciously different and perfect for a light meal. I'm thrilled to know about this book. Thank you!


  14. What a healthy way to eat tuna. I love it.

    I would LOVE to live in Paris. I could walk all day with my camera, shop the markets for wonderful food and sit and sip espresso, watching everyone for hours on end...but I'd have to switch to wine at about 6 pm.

  15. Can't think of one reason not to live in the tuna recipe! As soon as I finish my current diet, this will be the first mwal i make!

  16. You could win a prize with that photo, Sam. It's lovely, and makes you want to put this combo together for lunch today!
    You're so right, I do have all those ingredients in my pantry. Healthy and filling! (I love the name of that cookbook!)
    Congrats on your 500th follower! And a super giveaway. Reading about Paris is always such fun.
    Yes, I'm a follower.

  17. What a nice salad, looks so filling. I would love to live in Paris just to walk around the streets and discover new bistros, bakeries, restaurants and try everything. I also like the French for the way they dress.

  18. Definitely a better alternative to mayonnaise. Love this recipe, Sam_great idea.

    PS: also love the new header photo

  19. I will have to try this tuna salad...looks and sounds divine. And EASY!! You can't beat that. And yes, I would love to live in the countryside...slow down and enjoy life just as it comes. Have a great weekend. Mona

  20. I am making this for lunch! Husband took a vacation day and is working in the yard and will be thrilled! I've been to Paris - as a young 'un and one day want to go back with husband - I always thought it would be the best city to see when you are in love. Even "old" love! Of course I follow you, Sam. And cook with you!

  21. This sounds heavenly. I love tuna and finding new recipes to try. Thank you for sharing. I follow this blog and love what I have read so far.

    Kelly B.

  22. Sam, I love this recipe. One of my favorite "I don't want to cook" weeknight meals involves combining tuna, white beans, and chopped egg for a salad. The taste, and the protein rush, is amazing! Of course, I would love to live in Paris, because I could go to the museums in the morning, and spend every afternoon in a cafe enjoying a glass of Bordeaux!

  23. I have some Italian tuna in oil in the cupboard that has been waiting for this recipe, Sam. This is a perfect lunch or light dinner. I'm so happy to learn about this book about Paris. It truly is the world's most seductive city. Would I want to live there - in a heart beat. At least I can visit from time to time. In my next live I want to be a French girl named Simone.

  24. I can't remember if I'm a followere or not, but I love this version of tuna salad and the shot makes it look even better. As for
    Paris, which is just another big city to me, you couldn't pay me enough to get me to live there. I'm visiting my son in the Baltimore area as I write this and I hate the traffic, the crowds, the rude drivers, the long traffic lights, etc.

  25. because I have never been to Paris. Love you blog, recipes and stories. Thanks for the offer.

  26. because I have never been to Paris. Love you blog, recipes and stories. Thanks for the offer.

  27. Sam, I 'm going to make this today with the chick pea substituting for the white beans. Will let you know how it turns out. If I win the book about Paris, I will give it to our good friend Patti G. She and Mark are spending a well-deserved 10 days with friends in Paris this September...and are SO excited. Patti is learning a little French...and Mark's Creole is pretty good!

    Paris sounds fascinating to me, but unfortunately, I could never get David to live anywhere that English is not spoken.

  28. Sam,
    this does look good. I am going to give this a try.

  29. Congratulations on your 500th follower! You write a wonderful blog Sam. This tuna salad looks wonderful and I must try it. Did you use Rye Crisps? I haven't had those in years. Love those things. When I make this I'll probably try the bread.

  30. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I've got to say, everything looks delicious! I LOVE tuna salad, but this has just kicked it up a notch. I've got to try this sometime!
    A new follower right here :) I would love to live in Paris because I have studied french since the age of 5 (was in french immersion) and I have never really had an opportunity to use it in the real world. Also, I LOVE baguettes ;)

  31. This salad look so good. I love salads in the summertime. So fresh and light.

  32. Oh my gosh! I just made tuna salad for lunch today and wish I had seen this first, esp. since I have the beans, etc. too! It sounds delicious, Sam!!! I love, love Paris and love to read so I know I would enjoy that book! Paris has the best of about everything and I'd love to go back for a visit. Congrats on your 500th and have a great weekend!

  33. Oh that looks so delicious! I have to stock the pantry with white beans, in preparation for the next time I'm on a tuna road. Thank you!

  34. Loving the Mediterranean flavors in this tuna salad, the white beans are a great addition.

  35. Thank you for visiting LAWN TEA!

    I make this often, to have in a Tupperware in the fridge for a quick lunch. Ours is more plebeian, sans capers, and with Chicken of the Sea water-pack albacore and cannellini beans, but all else is about right. The capers sound like a lovely, tangy punch of flavor.

    I've been known to put some, beans and all, between a split ciabatta, as well.

  36. Yum! I remember encountering a similar salad in Italy.

    I have the book and really enjoyed it. Congratulation on your 500th follower!

  37. Hello Sam

    This is a nutritious recipe and I love that it is easy. I am going to make it when we go away to paint in NY in two weeks.

    I would love to live in Paris. I would paint en plein air, visit galleries and lead a bohemian life.

    The book sounds very interesting

    Helen xx

  38. I don't care much for tuna but I know Trevor and Alexis would go nuts over this, Sam. Hope you and Meakin are having a great weekend.

  39. Love this tuna salad, delicious and easy, just how I like life to be.

    Thanks so much for you kind thoughts and condolences, much appreciated. Diane

  40. Hi Sam,
    I love our blog and this tuna salad looks incredible like all of the food you make.
    Happy to follow.

  41. I love those brilliant colors on the salad....and such a refreshing way to serve a simple tuna salad!! Wonderful for a party appetizer.

  42. A glass of wine, and the tuna on crackers ( I like that its not mayonnaise and celery), a glass of wine, its good!

    I am a loyal follower. I would love to have this book.. Why, I would want to live in Paris....because it would be a food, wine and culture extravaganza! i cycled through the Loire Valley and it was a life changing experience.

    Fingers crossed.


  43. What a lovely salad. You've presented it beautifully and I'm sure it is delicious. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  44. Sam- This is a gorgeous way to serve tuna. Love it with the beans and capers - yum!

  45. i am loving this recipe! it screams summer lunch or snack like on the crackers you show! the book looks fabulous as well! Oh how I wish I could visit paris!

  46. I was so sure I had commented on your salad because I printed it out and make it on the weekend; it was wonderful and a keeper; my husband love it. Thank you Sam!

  47. Thank you so much for your lovely comment over at my today, lovely to meet you :)

    I read this wonderful book last summer and loved it, I was transported to Paris time and time again. Someone recommended another similar read to me the other day...when I remember what it is, I'll let you know!

  48. I have been promoting Mediterranean Diet Month at my site and this tuna dish says what this food is all about: simple, delicious, and healthy. I would really love for you to share it on my foodie friday party today.

    Paris... I would love to live there because each time I've been there I find another piece of myself.

  49. The last time I was in Paris I was 18 so I am sure I would see it through different eyes if I were to visit these days.To live in Europe for a period of time an immerse ourselves in history, language and of course food would be an amazing experience.

  50. Thank you for such a lovely mention of my book, Paris Was Ours. So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for giving away a copy. Fun blog, too!

  51. I've been cooking quite a bit with beans lately, notably Rancho Gordo's white cannellini beans which are excellent in flavor and texture. This looks like a superb appetizer to serve in summer meals.


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