Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fabulous Food Blog Award

I just received a “Fabulous Blog Award” for My Carolina Kitchen from fellow North Carolina writer Kathryn Stripling Byer of Here, Where I Am. Kathryn, a published poet, writer and teacher, is North Carolina’s current Poet Laureate, appointed by the Governor in 2005 to serve as an ambassador of North Carolina literature, past and present. Kathryn and I are members of the North Carolina Writers Network, Netwest.

Vicki Lane, mystery writer and author of the Elizabeth Goodweather Appalachian Mysteries, passed the “Fabulous Blog Award” to Kathryn. I am honored to be in the presence of such wonderful writers.

I really appreciate this award from Kathryn. There are many wonderful blogs that I enjoy and they aren’t necessarily all about food, but after all it is my first passion. The following blogs are representative of interesting food throughout the world, including South Africa and France. I am passing the "Fabulous Blog Award" along to:

These five blogs are invited to pass along the “Fabulous Blog Award.” The rules aren’t mine, they came with the award. You must pass it on to five other Fabulous Bloggers in a post. You may find their email addresses on their Profile page or, if not available, post as a "Comment" to their latest post.

You must include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them. You must list five of your “Fabulous Addictions” in the post.
You must copy and paste these rules in the post.
Right click the award icon and save to your computer; then post with your own awards. To my way of thinking, this is a nice tribute and it widens the reading audience.

Along with passing the award along, the rules say you must list five of your “Fabulous Addictions.”  

These are my passions for seeking the good life or, as the French say, La Bonne Vie.

1. I love books, but I’m a Foodie and can’t have enough cookbooks.
2. The south of France is a Foodie’s heaven and I wish we could spend more time there.
3. The Abaco Islands. I miss our friends and the good times we shared when we lived there.
4. Shoes, what woman can have enough shoes.
5. For good measure, throw in a few baubles, say a little Louie Vuitton bag, a couple of pieces of nice jewelry and a passport. 

Thanks again Kathryn for the “Fabulous Blog Award.”


  1. Congratulations on a well-deserved award! Thank you so much for passing the award to me too! I am honored!

  2. Congrats on your award Sam, you do have a fabulous blog!

  3. Oh, I love that picture...says it is truly you! Hmmmmm, you know me gotta top that one, well I think my blog will do the trick in an hour!

    Thanks I feel you inspire me!

  4. Thank you Sam! I too could get addicted to shoes, but am thankfully restrained by our budget. I did buy THE CUTEST pair of John Fleuvog's last year that totally hurt and pinch my feet to the point they look all mangled when I take them off. My husband looks at me with a pained expression and asks, "Why do you DO that?" and I just reply "Look how cute they are!" Thank you again for the award. I love your blog too.

  5. Congratulations Sam. A well deserved award. Love the picture of your passions. Mine would look very similar.

  6. Well deserved congratulations, Sam. Enjoy the company you're in.

  7. Congratulations Sam, Your enriched life is showing. Yours is one of the best blogs on the entire web in my opinion. That is, you know, coming from a non chef.

    Guess what. I got the same recognition from Kathryn Stripling Byer. It is fun. I recall you and I started blogging on the same day in the same workshop. It has enriched my writing life, for sure.

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

  8. Great writing..deserving of the award, congratulations. I share in your book passion and it can only be beaten by my my love for kitchen ware!

  9. What a great honor and a well deserved one, Sam. I LOVE your blog!!!

  10. Oh, dear, I feel another blog addiction coming on, having just skimmed a few of your fabulous posts!

  11. Sam, I'm glad this Fab award is giving you some good vibes! Yes, I'm a shoes addict, too, just like my mother before me, and I can't resist recipes. You should see the boxes of clippings I have in my house.
    Maybe I should do a book of recipe poems????

  12. Congrats to you! How well deserved! I recognize many of the items in your photo! Keep up the great writing with your blog, I have got to get busy again blogging, now that I am not working in the shop!

  13. Congrats on such a rocking good award Sam...WAY TO GO! Love the pic...

  14. Congratulations, Fabulous Blogger! A well-deserved award to a writer who also appreciates the value of beautiful accoutrements. 8-)

  15. Congrats on your award!! I just stumbeled onto your beautiful blog & I am glad that I did!!

  16. congratulations, you truly deserved your award..


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